At the Nurme 6 development, kitchen furniture with appliances is included in the price of the apartments until 23 June.

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Nurme 6

To be ready August 2024
Available apartments:


Total number of apartments:


Number of rooms:

1 - 4

Ventilation system:

Apartment-based heat-recovery ventilation

Heating system:

Geothermal heating

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Project information

Beautiful environmentally friendly homes in the greenery of Keila

We have good news for everyone who has dreamed of an environmentally friendly home nestled in a small town full of fresh air. The homes being built on Nurme Street in Keila are eye-catching, make everyday life cosy and convenient, and ensure a smaller environmental footprint for its residents.

The four-storey elegant apartment buildings to be built at Nurme 2, 4, 6 (previously Posti 8, 10, 12) are perfect for families who value the comforts of a modern, energy class A home. Roof-mounted solar panels keep electricity costs low.

The water, electricity and heating costs of the Nurme Street homes are measured separately for each apartment using remote meters. Environmentally friendly heat recovery ventilation ensures that the air in your new home is always fresh, clean and warm. Floor-to-ceiling windows will help fill your home with natural light, and thanks to underfloor heating, you can forget about needing socks all year round.

The 1-4 room apartments will have areas of 34 to 77 m2 and well thought-out layouts. The three buildings will house 54 families. There are only 18 apartments in each building – just the right number of people to create a close community.

The modern exterior of your new home was created by architect Tormi Sooväli, who combined timeless and maintenance-free concrete with wooden cladding that tastefully blends in with the green small-town milieu. The glass balconies give the exterior of the building an airy feel. Each apartment owner can also choose to have the balcony glazed in order to enjoy the first rays of spring sunshine, the birdsong and the view of the beautifully landscaped courtyard. The spacious and bright staircases in the apartment buildings have a lift for easy access. The ground floor of each building consists of an open car park that blends in with the surrounding timber trellis to form an elegant whole with the rest of the structure.

As a resident of the new buildings on Nurme Street, you can leave your vehicle safely in the car park – we have created the perfect conditions for you to run your daily errands on a bike. We will build a bike station with colourful green roofs for each building. Additionally, there is going to be an outdoor bike park in the courtyard to provide your guests with a safe parking place for their two-wheelers.

Nurme 2, 4, 6
Beautiful environmentally friendly homes in the greenery of Keila
  • Energy rating of A
  • Low upkeep costs
  • Ground heating
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A new clean-energy home in the tranquil town of Keila

Nurme 6 is an apartment building that will catch people’s eye, make everyday life both cosy and convenient and ensure that its residents leave a smaller environmental footprint.

Ground heating

Rooftop solar panels

Carefully considered
floor plans

Ikoon_madalad ülalpidamiskulud.png
Low upkeep

There are only 18 apartments in each building – just the right number of people to create a close community. This elegant four-storey complex will feature one- to four-room apartments ranging in size from 34-76.5 m2. Triple-glazed windows reaching all the way to the floor will fill your new home with natural light, while environmentally friendly heat-recovery ventilation will guarantee fresh, clean air at all times.

The keyword for the development as a whole is ‘sustainability’. The ecologically sustainable solution devised for the Nurme 6 building, which has an energy rating of A, will be friendly not only to the environment but also to your hip pocket. The heating energy the building needs will be drawn directly from the ground itself via vertical boreholes, which in combination with its water-based underfloor heating solution will keep the apartments at the perfect temperature year-round. Solar panels on the roof will also keep general electricity costs low. The facade combines timeless, maintenance-free concrete with timber boarding tastefully matched to the verdant surroundings. 

People who lead active lifestyles will be delighted to discover that the Nurme 6 building has its own dedicated bicycle parking structure, which will come with a colourful landscaped roof. It will also provide parking and storage for scooters, prams and sleds, making it as convenient for residents to go about their everyday activities as possible. Additionally, there is going to be an outdoor bike park in the courtyard to provide your guests with a safe parking place for their two-wheelers.

Choose geothermal heating for affordable fixed costs

For Nurme 6, we decided to go with geothermal heating. A geothermal heat pump extracts the heat stored underground and transfers it to the hydronic floor heating system. Of all the heating options available on the market today, geothermal heating has the lowest fixed costs, making it on average 25-45% cheaper than district heating. The same system also supports floor cooling in summer to reduce the effects of hot weather. Geothermal heating is also less sensitive to fluctuations in energy prices, as 75% of the energy is extracted from underground.

Efficient and low-energy heating solution

Environmentally friendly heating without smoke, dust, soot or ash

Suitable for supplying domestic hot water in addition heating the premises

Low maintenance

Long useful life

User friendly

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interior finishing


Kitchen furniture

At the Nurme 6 development, kitchen furniture with appliances is included in the price of the apartments until 23.06.

The offer is valid for transactions performed between 15 April and 23 June, if the apartment is reserved before 23 June. The promotional offer does not apply to previous bookings or agreements. Contact a YIT Eesti sales specialist to learn more.

You can choose the kitchen most to your liking from these three options:

Technical specifications

Foundation and structures
The building is constructed of prefabricated concrete elements The building is on a shallow foundation.

Exterior walls
Exterior walls are built of prefabricated three-layer concrete panels. The insulation layer is 200 mm (the thermal transmittance of the carcass is 0.16 W/m2*K). The exterior panels are smooth or textured and finished with paint.

Interior walls
The apartment walls and the walls separating the apartments from common areas are prefabricated concrete elements (200 mm). The interior walls of the apartments are made from gypsum plasterboard on a metal frame, filled with insulation.

Common hallways and stairwell
The stairwell is accessible through the main door and the car park. The glass façade provides natural light to the stairwell.

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