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1. Reservation 

Please fill in the from on webpage next to the apartment. The apartment can be booked for 14 calendar days. After you have filled in the form, we will contact you on the next working day at the latest. If we are unable to reach you within one working day, we have a right to cancel the bookin unilaterally.

Reservation period will be used to prepare and sign a notarised contract under the law of obligations or a real right sale contract, depending on the construction stage of the building.

2. Entry into a contract under the law of obligations

The contract of sale under the law of obligations will be signed within 30 days from submission of the reservation application.

At the time of signing this contract, the customer pays 20% of the total price of apartment ownership.

3. Entry into a real right contract 

The real right contract will be signed after the completion of construction and inspection by the customer.

At the time of signing the real right contract, the customer pays 80% of the total price of apartment ownership. By entering into this contract, the buyer becomes the owner of the object(s) of contract.

Cancellation/ Extension of reservation 

You may cancel the reservation within 14 days after submitting a written reservation application. For cancelling the booking, please send a written application to the sales specialist.

Please note! If a customer does not answer the e-mails sent by the sales specialist within one working day or does not forward the data necessary for the sales contract, the representative of YIT has the right to unilaterally cancel the booking. You can extend the booking time according to the agreement with the sales specialist.

Price of contract


Interior finishing  
Connection to power grid
+ Connection to water supply and sewerage systems


- Notary and state fees associated with the sale contract  
Connection to a telephone network 
Connection to a cable or digital TV network


AS YIT Ehitus provides a warranty covering compliance of completed construction, materials and installed equipment with the quality requirements applicable in the Republic of Estonia.
If you have any warranty-related questions, please send an e-mail


The rules regarding the taxation of real estate transactions are very complicated. Therefore, companies that use residential space for their business activities often have questions about how a particular transaction is taxed. In order to help you orient in the complicated taxation landscape, we are herewith providing a short survey of the rules prescribed in various laws, which should taken into account when calculating the taxes related to residential space that is used for business purposes.

For more information, see: What you should know about residential space acquired by businesses

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