Strategy, mission and values

Strategy, mission and values

Creating success through sustainable living

Sustainable living is a key challenge for our planet – and our opportunity.

Urbanization increases the pressure to build in growing cities, setting higher requirements on built environments. At the same time climate change requires us to rethink how resources are used. Lifecycle thinking becomes more critical.

We build functional and sustainable homes and environments in growing cities, making sustainable living easy. In addition, we develop, build and renovate schools, hospitals, commercial and public spaces and infrastructure. Our mission is to enable a smoother flow of sustainable living for people, businesses and society.

YIT strategy 2022–2025: Creating sustainable success through sustainable living 

The key target of YIT’s new strategy is to seek growth in the Housing business and to improve the Group’s profitability. As a part of the new strategy, YIT has redefined and clarified its business model. The new strategy will be executed through three strategic priority areas: Focus, Productivity, and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).

YIT strategy 2022 - 2025
YIT strategy 2022 - 2025

In Housing, we continue to build functional and sustainable homes and environments making sustainable living easy. We seek growth in the growing cities of Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. In Housing, our goal is to grow its revenue by over 20% by 2025 with an operating profit margin of over 10%.

Infrastructure and Business Premises businesses continue to have a strategic role within YIT targeting stable cash flow to enable the growth of the Housing business. Profitability is aimed to be among the best in the industry with both segments targeting to achieve an operating profit margin of over 4% by 2025.

The new Property Development segment will have the responsibility of YIT’s end-to-end commercial and mixed-use project development. The segment will be a customer-centric developer and a best-in-class partner providing attractive investment opportunities for its investor partners. At the same time, long-term ownerships and service businesses will no longer be in focus. Property Development aims to achieve a ROCE of over 10% by 2025.

Updated ESG strategy will set new standards for the industry

On the Environmental criteria, we commit to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

YIT is the first Finnish construction company to commit to reducing emissions from both its own operations and its value chain in accordance with the Science Based Targets Initiative. With this commitment, we strengthen our previous climate work and update our current climate targets to be more comprehensive, which will also reduce our customers' emissions.

On the Social criteria, we continue to develop and build better living environments for the society. Furthermore, our ultimate goal is a zero-harm work community. We develop proactive measures for improving occupational safety with a target of continuously decreasing accident frequency.

On the Governance criteria, we will continue its strict approach on gray economy. Furthermore, we have zero tolerance in corruption, as well as in labor exploitation and discrimination.

We will also take decisive steps to advance ESG matters throughout our supply chains. Going forward, we will require our suppliers to meet the same environment, social and governance standards as we have set to ourselves. The company believes that this will set new standards for the entire industry.

Financial targets updated

We will measure the success of our strategy by new Group financial targets to be reached by the end of 2025:

  • Operating profit margin: 6%
  • Gearing: less than 50%
  • Dividend: stable growth

More financial information on our Investor's page


Creating better living environments.

The mission is the operating policy of our company and the reason why we exist. It answers the questions of what we want to do as a company and what we want to achieve. In our mission we have a strong customer focus and a clear purpose. As a developer and builder of better living environments, we have an important role to play in developing emission-free solutions for the built environment and in enabling our customers to live a sustainable and smooth everyday life.



  • We care about our customers and personnel
  • We look for environmentally sustainable solutions


  • We are open and share knowledge
  • We involve and partner to succeed


  • We trust and build a positive spirit
  • We empower people to innovate and challenge


  • We strive towards quality, know-how and results
  • We work ethically and fulfil our promises

We build the future together

Jump on board

Applying for work creates hopes and expectations. At YIT, we want your applicant experience to be as smooth as possible.

  • We treat you with respect. We want to create an environment where you can feel comfortable and that you can show your best in the interview. We keep you up to date on the progress of recruitment.
  • We are open in our choice of the right persons. In addition to your competence and potential, it is important for us that you fit in the team and relate to our values.
  • Well-planned induction is our goal each time we welcome new team members to our work community.

Become a part of our happy team

We want to build happy work community and culture.

  • Safety and well-being are cornerstones of our work and we constantly develop our practices. We want to ensure you a safe and genuinely caring work environment.
    It is also important to us that your life maintains in good balance.
  • Mutual respect and trust are something we cherish in our work community. We encourage you to creativity and believe that enthusiasm is contagious.
  • We work together transparently, involving people and learning from each other. You have an important role in creating good team spirit in-house and with our partners.

Develop your competence

We provide you with opportunities to learn and develop.

  • We value your education and experience, but even more important for us is your attitude and passion to reach targets and make things happen.
  • We want you to feel motivated by your role, our culture and compensation. We are committed to a responsible and long-term human resources policy.
  • Our diverse projects, career paths and other internal development opportunities as well as sharing of knowhow support you during your career. We discuss your development and future at YIT on regular basis.