Strategy, vision, mission and values

Strategy, vision, mission and values

More life in sustainable cities

We create better living environments and we believe people will continue to shift into urban growth centers.
People want security, comfortability and ease in their everyday life.
People want to experience life that are concentrated around public transport nodes, where homes, jobs, hobbies and services connect.
This is why we come to work each day at YIT.


Corporate responsibility is the sum of three responsibility areas that support each other: financial, social and environmental responsibility. A company that operates responsibly fosters the well-being of its customers, employees, shareholders and other interest groups, and shoulders its responsibility for the environment.

YIT’s operations are based on the company’s mission, operational concept, strategy and values. In addition, the changing needs of society and our interest groups are taken into consideration in our operations. We comply with international, national and local laws and agreements.

Our success requires that we are able to offer the exact service that our customers want. We closely monitor the development of customer needs. We continuously develop our own solutions, which enables us to stand out from the competition.

All of our cooperation and sponsorship decisions are based on promoting sustainable development and better living environments. We place a high priority on working together and promoting a greater sense of community. For this reason, we prefer to support groups rather than individuals. We primarily allocate our cooperation and sponsorship funds to supporting activities for children and young people. We operate in accordance with our values, emphasising impartiality, fairness and openness. We expect the same from applicants and our partners. We do not provide support to political parties, groups or individual politicians. We make all of our decisions according to the YIT Business Principles.

For long-term cooperation and sponsorship projects, you may submit a sponsorship application by using e-mail YIT@YIT.EE

Our cornerstones of success support the strategic priorities

Top performance

Happy people

Success with customers and partners

Stepping up sustainability


- The Basis of YIT's way of Working


More life in sustainable cities.


Creating better living environments.



  • We care about our customers and personnel
  • We look for environmentally sustainable solutions


  • We are open and share knowledge
  • We involve and partner to succeed


  • We trust and build a positive spirit
  • We empower people to innovate and challenge


  • Püüdleme parima kvaliteedi, oskusteabe ja tulemuste poole
  • Töötame eetiliselt ja täidame lubadused

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