Buildings construction

One of the main services the company provides is building construction. We have been operating in the Estonian construction market since 1991 and have become one of the biggest local companies in the sector. During this period, under the guidance of our expert team, we have constructed a huge number of buildings right across the range.

According to the initial plans and the type of building, we help our clients to select the most appropriate form of partnership for them so as to achieve the best possible end result. Large and complex buildings require skills, experience and the right people, and that is what we bring together – a hard-working team from the site engineer to the construction director and the hundreds of workers on site. 

Building construction usually takes place in one of these three ways: traditional general contracting; design and construct contracting; or in more complicated cases, professional management contracting. It is possible to erect the majority of buildings using the design and construct method – meaning that we take responsibility for the entire design and construction process and its results.

Our design and construction specialists advise clients on how best to cope with time restrictions and financial options during the building development and construction phase and help them to find the construction solutions that are most appropriate for their needs. Of all of the different types of buildings, our construction work has mainly focused on office buildings, industrial and warehouse facilities, housing and social and sports structures.

Civil engineering

Civil engineering, which is more complex in terms of building technology and requires specialist knowledge, makes up approximately one-quarter of the company’s portfolio. The construction of ports, bridges and environmental protection structures as well as water and sewerage utilities differs significantly from that of ordinary buildings, necessitating greater involvement of experts and capable supervision.

We have the know-how and the specialists required in this field.

In order to carry out innovative, more complex and less widely represented technological solutions in the Estonian building sector we can call on a team of experts from our parent company which has almost 100 years of experience in civil engineering in Scandinavia.

We have provided such construction services since 1997, when AS Keskkonnaehitus was founded. This environmental construction subsidiary, which had at first operated independently, became a structural division within the company in 2001.