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Buying your own home is one of the biggest decisions in your life. We have put together information related to buying an apartment that will help you in your journey to your own new home.

Frequently asked questions

Why is a new apartment building better than an old one?

The survey carried out in 2018 showed that 60% of respondents aged 18-35 preferred a new apartment. This is due to young people’s higher demands on their living environment, the need to organise space efficiently and the desire for lower maintenance costs.

Why is it a good idea to buy an apartment off-plan?

Buying in the planning stage or at the beginning of the construction process gives the customer a wider choice of apartments. This extends the customer’s choice of cardinal points, layout, floor and balcony. During this period, it’s usually possible to choose an interior finish package and even change the layout of the apartment at the beginning of the construction process. Such modifications will be made for an additional fee. Please contact a sales specialist for more information on interior finish packages and modifications.

Where is the storage room?

The location of the storage room depends on the design. They are usually located either in the basement or on the ground floor.

Is the storage room included in the price of the apartment?

In some developments, the storage room is included in the price of the apartment, in others you have to buy it separately.

Where is the parking space?

The location of the parking space depends on the design. Parking spaces are generally located in underground car parks, on the ground floor level or on the property. It is definitely worth asking the sales specialist for information about the parking space.

Is the parking space included in the price of the apartment?

In some developments, the parking space is included in the price of the apartment, in others you have to buy it separately.

What are pre-sales, pre-marketing and why are no prices displayed during this period?

Pre-marketing is a process during which we look for interested parties and prices are not public on the website during this period. During pre-sales, you can find out the price of an apartment from a sales specialist by sending a price enquiry via the website or by calling 665 2177. Once the prices have been confirmed, we’ll e-mail them to all registered interested parties.

How can I save money for a deposit?

The usual deposit for an apartment is 20% of the price, but it’s worth asking a sales specialist for the exact percentage.

How much is the utility bill?

The amount of the utility bill depends on several factors: the size of the apartment, the energy efficiency of the building, the number of apartments, the management service provider and other factors. Please ask a sales specialist about the possible utility costs of a specific apartment.

How long does a notary’s appointment take?

You should make sure that you have at least half an hour to an hour for an appointment with a notary.

Can the customer choose the interior finish?

You choose the interior finish of your apartment until a fixed date. You should contact a sales specialist to clarify the date.

From which cardinal point does the sun shine into the apartment?

The location of the apartment in relation to the sun can be specified with the help of a sales specialist.

Can the customer choose between a shower and a bath?

Depending on the design, you can choose between a bath and a shower until a fixed date. You should contact a sales specialist to clarify the date. In the case of a modular design, you cannot choose between a shower and a bath.

When can the customer register the apartment as their official place of residence?

If a contract under the law of property has been signed, the customer can register the apartment as their place of residence if they have been entered in the land register as the owner. It can take up to 30 days to make the entry.

How long is the warranty for an apartment?

The warranty lasts for two years from the date of the contract under the law of property.

Can a balcony be glazed?

After the building is completed, the glazing of balconies must be agreed with the apartment association. Glazing work must be ordered and carried out in accordance with the design documentation. Balcony glazing during the construction process must be approved with the written consent of the author of the design. Balcony glazing is included in extra work. Please contact a YIT sales specialist to ask about balcony glazing and the prices of extra work.

Can I bring my children and dog to the building site?

You must comply with personal protection requirements by wearing safety equipment and being cautious in order to get to the building site. Visiting a building site with a child under 10 is prohibited. We don’t recommend visiting a building site with a pet, as the animal’s behaviour can be unpredictable, and we cannot guarantee it’s safety.

How do you clean ceramic tiles?

With the purchase of an apartment, the owner will receive the documentation of the apartment, including a tutorial on how to clean ceramic tiles.

Does YIT offer interior design services?

YIT offers interior design services. You can read more about the interior design service here

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