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Together we are YIT

YIT and Lemminkäinen merged on 1 February 2018.

Great things happen when two Finns over 100 hundred years old start working together. As the largest of its kind in Finland, YIT stands as one of the most significant building construction companies in northern Europe. We employ over 10,000 professionals in 11 countries. The new YIT is the developer of better homes and more functional business premises, the builder of increasingly demanding infrastructures and the provider of professional paving services. We build, develop and maintain more attractive and sustainable environments. Living cities in which people can enjoy life. Together.


AS YIT Ehitus

YIT is the largest Finnish and significant North European construction company. We develop and build apartments, business premises and entire areas. We are also specialised in demanding infrastructure construction and paving. Together with our customers our 10,000 professionals are creating more functional, more attractive and more sustainable cities and environments.

We work in 11 countries: Finland, Russia, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The new YIT was born when over 100-year-old YIT Corporation and Lemminkäinen Corporation merged on February 1, 2018. Our combined annual turnover for 2016 was nearly EUR 3.4 billion. YIT Corporation's share is quoted on Nasdaq Helsinki Oy. www.yitgroup.com

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