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Your cosy and environmentally friendly new home in the Kristiine district

Are you convinced there’s more to city living than glass towers, walls of noise and endless traffic jams? How would you like to live at a gentler pace in the verdant Kristiine district, with birdsong in the air and the sweet scent of lilac and apple trees on the breeze, but with all the attractions of the city still just a stone’s throw away?

Your new home in Tallinn at Luige 5 is the perfect place not just to start a busy day, but to spend a relaxing one with friends and family and to come home to and unwind in after a hard day at work.

The timber exterior of the building will blend in very tastefully with its surroundings thanks to its modern architecture, with its roofline reflecting the area’s milieu.

The Luige development will be home to 50 apartments, all energy class A, ranging in size from one to four rooms – from a compact 29 m2 to a very generous 90 m2. To make the most of the warmer months, the majority of the apartments will have their own balcony or terrace. Storage space for every apartment will be provided in the building, which will be equipped with two lifts.

The building’s energy rating will ensure both a smaller environmental footprint and lower utility costs thanks to its geothermal heat pump, which as its name suggests draws energy up from the ground itself. This will guarantee that your home is warm in winter and cool in summer – and all without any equipment cluttering up the building’s facade or roof. Needless to say a solar power generator will be used in the building to produce enough renewable energy to cover residents’ needs.

Living on Luige Street, you’ll find you can get by without a car almost entirely. Schools and kindergartens, shopping centres, sports facilities, health services and entertainment venues are all just a short stroll or a couple of bus stops away.

But for those occasions when you do want to venture further afield, Luige 5 will have 65 parking spaces at your disposal. The car park will be on ground level, tucked away beneath the building above in perfect harmony with the garden suburb feel of its surroundings.

Does Luige 5 sound like somewhere you could see yourself living? If so, let us know you’re interested and you’ll be among the first to discover what the apartments are like and how much they cost – bringing you one step closer to finding the perfect home for you and your family.

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