Kristiine district

The sprawling district of Kristiine at the centre of Tallinn has history that reaches back into the 17th century, when the Swedish queen Kristiina had a meadow distributed among citizens. Kristiine is charming with its plentiful gardens, where you can grow your own herbs, while the centre of the city is only a 10-minute drive away. When apple trees and lilacs are in bloom, the whole district is full of sweet smells and the green and safe living environment has several schools and kindergartens at a walking distance.

There are also shops and shopping centres in the area, as well as cafés and restaurants that offer pleasant fare and a place to spend time with friends. The Kristiine Shopping Centre is one of the best loved ones in the city.

Kristiine is also where you’ll find Löwenruh, one of the most beautiful parks, perfect for taking a walk. It has a romantic lake that used to belong to a mansion complex, with islets and bridges. Right next to it is a popular playground, where kids can have fun.

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