Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Our mission, vision and values are the foundation of our operations and ways of working.

We are committed to long-term business success, which means that we do not pursue a good financial result at any cost. In order to achieve business success, we must respect our stakeholders and create value for all of them, including customers, shareholders and employees.

YIT's Code of Conduct are a concrete expression of what compliance with our values means in our work with different stakeholders. The Code of Conduct are not meant to be a detailed guide that provides an answer to every question, but rather a general guideline that demonstrates the way we want to conduct business. The document includes the principles that guide our operations in relation to customers, employees, shareholders, business partners, competitors, society and the environment. You will also find information related to compliance with our business principles and reporting infringements.


YIT's Code of Conducts

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YIT Code of Conduct

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