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Among others, we construct and develop offices, business, production and logistics premises and public buildings. The sites we develop are close to good transport connections. Our solutions are flexible and always designed according to each customer’s individual needs.

The idea behind the MotorCenter is to offer car owners, a wide as possible spectrum of automotive services under one roof. Such a concept is new to Estonia, as to date companies specialised in automotive services have been dispersed.

The centre is capable of servicing 20-30 vehicles at the same time.

Additional information about new MotorCenter and vacant rental spaces can be obtained by contacting our commercial property sales specialists.

YIT started establishing the third MotorCenter in the Tähesaju neighbourhood

The YIT group developed the „MotorCenter“ commercial building concept that is suitable for businesses in the automotive field. Currently, two successfully operating complexes have been built in Tallinn: MotorCenter Peetri and MotorCenter Lasnamäe. The praise from visitors to the successfully operating centres has encouraged YIT to start establishing a third MotorCenter at the address Tähesaju tee 7. The construction of MotorCenter Tähesaju will be completed at the end of the year 2020.

Plans for the centre include, as an innovation, contemporary stock-office type areas, of which close to 2/3 account for a warehouse, whereas the rest encompasses a sales area and non-work rooms.

The keywords characterising the new Tähesaju MotorCenter are:

  • A contemporary building
  • An attractive location
  • Good accessibility
  • The best companies of the field
  • A trademark that adds value

MotorCenter Tähesaju


Public-Private Partnership projects (PPP) or in other words: cooperation projects between the state and the private sector include not just the normal design and construction services we offer but also financing by the company. When a high-cost project is included in the local development plan, but the amount is not allowed for in the budget, PPP projects allow the state sector to initiate such projects within a very short space of time. The PPP method also allows for the spreading of risks. Share your visions with us and we will help you to find the solution you are looking for.



  • Haapsalu Water Park

    Haapsalu Water Park  was completed in association with Haapsalu City Government in 2003. The 2,200 square metre centre features a six-lane 25-metre swimming pool, a wading pool, a sauna complex, aerobics halls, a beauty salon and a massage centre.

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    Rakvere Sports Centre

    Rakvere Sports Centre  was completed in association with Rakvere City Government in 2004. The 5,250 square metre centre features three basketball courts, a gym and table tennis, wrestling and aerobics halls. The basketball courts meet all of the standards required for international competition. The sports hall has seating for audiences of up to 2,422 people. The sports hall can also be used to host concerts, in which case an extra 500 seats can be installed on the floor. The Rakvere Sports Centre is the second largest sports structure of its kind in Estonia by number of seats after the Saku Suurhall in Tallinn.

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    Jõhvi Concert Hall

    Jõhvi Concert Hall  was completed in association with Eesti Kontsert in 2005. The main part of the 10,000 square metre, five-storey complex comprises a multifunctional concert hall for 770 and a chamber hall for 160. The building also has rooms for the local music school, a training centre and a café. A car park with spaces for 105 vehicles has been constructed for visitors..


  • Pärnu Youth Athletics Stadium

    The Pärnu Youth Athletics Stadium was completed in 2006 in association with the Pärnu City Government. The 3,300 square metre stadium features long jump, triple jump and high jump areas, a shot put field, a discus net, a running track, a hurdles area, a gym, net constructions, climbing ropes and shower rooms.

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I hereby grant my consent for saving my personal data for marketing purposes (e.g. to send campaign offers and newsletters).