Road design

In the year 2002 AS YIT Eesti started activities in the road design field, including:

  • Road (city street and highway), square, parking lot, pavement and bicycle path projects; road project expert analysis;
  • Private home and apartment building courtyard maintenance and access route projects;
  • Traffic management schemes for construction periods;
  • Design general contractor with special services designers (water, sewage, gas, communications, street lighting etc.).


The design team mainly supports the AS YIT Eesti construction department with its engineering technical skills, but has sufficient resources to offer road design services outside the company.

AS YIT Eesti has a road design and road maintenance works licence which is registered in the Register of Economic Activities under the number 186/04115/07140/10157/13136.

We produce designs using the licensed software program AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015.