Asphaltic concrete mixtures- production and installation

Asphalt is the correct choice for covering roads, streets, parking lots and other areas, if the client assumes a suitable construction cost, sufficient load-bearing capacity and easy maintenance.

In order to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the parties, it must be known what kind of vehicles will move or stand on the particular cover, how the cover will be cleaned and what climatic conditions the cover will face in the future. Important are the correct base characteristics: load and drainage capacity as well as shear strength.

The best end result is obtained if the client orders all components of the coating construction from a single contractor. As an experienced road construction company we know how to advise clients and how to fulfil the client’s wishes and expectations at the most economical cost.

Asphalt covers are built from asphalt mixtures. Asphalt mixtures have two types of components - rock and binder. Variances in the rock and binder material characteristics used in the asphalt mixture result in asphalt covers with very different characteristics.

Mastic Asphalt

Mastic asphalt is without joints, dense, elastic and a durable covering solution.

Mastic asphalt may be used as a base, intermediate or covering layer.

Due to the large quantity of binder which fills the gaps in the mixture, mastic asphalt is much more elastic, water and cold resistant then any other asphaltic concrete.

In comparison to other asphaltic concrete covers however, due to the larger percentage of bitumen its load-bearing capacity is lower. Mastic asphalt is pourable asphalt which does not require sealing.


A strong, elastic and joint free composite-coating which combines cement and elastic covering solutions.

Confalt is suitable for use on sites with large loads requiring great durability such as warehouse and industrial flooring, terminals, port areas and parking areas. The coating is without joints and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Different colour options are obtained by using coloured Confalt powder. Colour choices are red, blue, green and yellow.

Rooparemix, cost-effective and rapid repair

Rooparemix is a heated asphalt remixing regeneration method which permits rapid, economic repair of road covers in limited areas. The method is suitable for repairing holes, joints, signs of excessive wear (ruts) as well as net and longitudinal crack repair.

The Rooparemix-method makes as good use as possible of the old coating. The damaged coating is mixed with new asphalt mixture and where necessary with additional binder. Rooparemix’s working width is 1 m or 1.25 m.