Jet Grouting

At the end of the 1950s jet grouting or the high-pressure injection method was used for the first time in the geotechnical field in Great Britain. Jet grouting pile creation is a means of surface improvement where a high-pressure water jet is used to dismantle the soil structure and mix binder into the soil.

It is a hydrodynamic mixing technique that results in soil-binder mixture injection columns.

Jet grouting is used:

  • For controlling soil water (cutting walls, bases, tunnels, dam projects, polluted soil water impoundment);
  • For controlling surface / structure movement (surface or structure movement prevention during tunnel construction or dredging works, track bed / cutting slope support, tunnel wall support, pile or retaining wall support for prohibiting lateral movement);
  • For supporting old building foundations (permits supporting from beneath the foundation, creating stabilised columns in weak soil layers);
  • For environmental protection works analogically with mass-stabilisation (to protect soil water, chemicals, metals etc. are bound into the contaminated soil).