Double rotary system

The pile drilling involves simultaneous spiral drilling and case piping. The spiral drill rotates in one direction and the pipe casing in the opposite direction.

The result is a borehole fully protected by a casing pipe. The method is particularly efficient in circumstances where there is high surface water and the risk of soil flowing into the borehole is high.

The double rotary system of pile drilling is essentially vibration free and can be used for inserting piles in the immediate vicinity of existing buildings

Pile foundation design is considered in the standards:

EVS-EN 1997-1:2005+NA:2006
"Eurocode 7: Geotechnical design.
Part 1: General Rules“;
EVS-EN 1997-2:2007+NA:2008
"Eurocode 7: Geotechnical design.
Part 2 Soil analysis and testing";

Work is executed according to the following standards:

EVS-EN 1536:2010 + A1:2015 "Execution of special geotechnical work - bored piles".