Construction of infrastructure

Construction of infrastructure

Building Estonia. At the highest level.

Throughout years of operation, we have provided advice and support to build a better Estonia for everyone, creating integrated urban environments and ambitious engineering solutions, the quality, functionality and durability of which make us a valued cooperation partner.

Principal activities

The in-depth construction knowledge, extensive experience and top specialists of the YIT Estonia team together with our large collection of technical equipment for geotechnical work help to complete roads and bridges, squares and car parks, wildlife crossings and viaducts, harbours, railway facilities and stadiums and other demanding infrastructure constructions every year.

In our work, we focus on producing high-quality results and project management, taking all measures to achieve the result desired by the client. Our infrastructure projects are completed using the general contracting method.

Construction of engineering facilities

Complex engineering facilities that require special knowledge form around one fourth of the company’s construction portfolio. The construction of harbours, bridges, environmental protection facilities and water and sewerage mains differs considerably from the construction of buildings, requiring a larger contribution from experts in the field and constant supervision. We have all of the required expertise and specialists. In order to execute innovative, unique and complex technological solutions in the Estonian construction landscape, we use the experts of our parent company and its nearly 100 years of experience in engineering in the Nordic countries.

General contracting and project management

30 years of experience has taught us that every high-quality and timely completed project is based on professional planning and organisation of construction work. This is why we have focused on construction management, i.e. construction using the general contracting method. In addition to keeping to the established schedule, efficient project management helps to ensure high quality, as every job is done by a specialist in their field.

Years of varied reference projects have proven that the YIT Estonia team can successfully manage the coordination of the completion of facilities with a range of functions and complex work. We keep our word, setting high standards for both ourselves and our partners, which is also appreciated by our clients.

Ongoing projects

Fuel management system, Enefit 280-2

Client: Enefit Solutions AS

Project start date: 2021

Design and construction work of Narva TEN-T transit roads

Client: Narva City Government, Department for City Development and Economy

Project start date: 2021

Construction of Loone and Künka facilities

Client: Enefit Wind Purtse AS

Project start date: 2022