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New residential development the Sea Gate homes are located near the Seaplane Harbour close by Kalamaja park. Vibu 2, 4 is located in a historically stately and picturesque area of ​​Kalamaja milieu. The project is distinguished by tasteful and modern Scandinavian architecture and thoughtful room layouts.

Sea Gate home development project is composed of five four-storey building with a single stairwell. Buildings are situated between the recreation areas, children's playground, and private courtyards.

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        Structures. The buildings have shallow foundations. External walls are built from three-layered precast reinforced concrete sandwich panels insulated with mineral wool or insulated single-layered concrete panels finished with facing bricks. Internal load-bearing walls are from single-layered mountable concrete panels and the walls of shafts are laid with lightweight blocks. Walls within the flats are metal framed plasterboard walls. Floors are from reinforced concrete hollow-core slabs finished with an insulation layer and flooring screed. The buildings have a flat roof.

        Water supply and sewerage system. The flats are furnished with white ceramic sinks, glass shower walls or a bath, white dual-flush toilet bowls, lever mixer taps, and water and sewerage connections for a washing machine. Water supply and sewerage pipes are fully integrated into the walls and floors of flats. The water piping inlet of a flat is located behind the suspended ceiling in the bathroom. Opening and closing valves and water flow meters with automatic remote reading have been installed.

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