Oda 2 and 4

To be ready December 2020
Available apartments:


Total number of apartments:


Number of rooms:

1 - 4

Location of parking lots:

underground parking

Ventilation system:

Apartment-based forced ventilation with heat recovery

Heating system:

Floor water heating (central heating)

More details

Oda 2 which values history and design

The most dignified building in the Küti quarter is the Oda 2 building, which is partially built on the limestone walls of the old riding hall. Residents valuing history and contemporary design will find their home in this building. The exterior of the building is highlighted by 130 year old limestone walls, which give the building a historical atmosphere, while the dark brick facade with a large number of glass surfaces keeps the general impression as modern and elegant. 

The lifestyle of the location includes a comfortable seaside atmosphere and surroundings of Kalamaja, crisp mornings full of fresh sea air and warm summer evenings on a cosy terrace. The contemporary homes designed by the acclaimed architect Urmas Muru have floor to ceiling windows, large balconies and terraces that open to the interior courtyard.

Private Oda 4

The Oda 4 building will have only 19 homes, which creates a safe atmosphere for the inhabitants. A person seeking privacy and contemporary comfort will find a home here. The architecture of the four storey building, designed by the acclaimed architect Urmas Muru, is modern, the facade is characterised by a dark brick surface, with large glass partitions. The building solution facing Küti Street uses a sloping roof typical of Kalamaja, where unique roof terraces are located. The special values of the homes are floor to ceiling windows, spacious balconies and terraces opening to the courtyard.

Technical description


The buildings have a combined reinforced concrete footing and pile foundation. The riding hall area has a pile foundation and the parking area a footing.


The basements of the buildings have mounted reinforced concrete posts and steel beams. The load bearing structure of the basement roof and intermediate ceilings consists of mountable structural ceiling panels. The exterior walls and walls between apartments are made of mountable reinforced concrete elements. The balconies and stairs are made of reinforced concrete elements.


The exterior walls of the building are covered with weatherproof, dark, brownish grey Meldorfer facade system consisting of flat facing bricks as cladding.


The Oda 2 building has a flat roof. The Oda 4 building has a flat roof, which is partial solved with a sloped motive.


The apartments have triple glazed wood-aluminium units.

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Elegant interior design

The interior, inspired by the proximity to the sea, is dominated by bright tones and authentic materials, which are fresh and timeless. Every detail of the interior design has been carefully selected to allow the elegant finish to last long. The walls of the homes are finished in light tones and floors have veneer parquet. The bathrooms have mild toned ceramic tiles and quality ceramics. Sunsets can be enjoyed from floor to ceiling triple glazed wood-aluminium window units.

Home yard

The Küti quarter home yard unites contemporary solutions with historical heritage. The result is a unique courtyard with a truly cosy atmosphere, built between the beautiful renovated limestone walls of the riding hall. There is a landscaped resting area, with pleasant seating, in the centre of the courtyard. The younger family members can spend time in the safe playground and ride on the toy horses, built exclusively according to the design of Urmas Muru, which are located in the part of the yard located toward the Kalaranna Street. There are trendy ping-pong tables in the part of the yard towards Küti Street.

A unique architectural solution of the courtyard is an historic pavement that links the Kalaranna and Küti Streets. A promenade with eye catching luminaires zigzags through the old riding hall and with a symbolic monument marks the location of the former church altar, interweaving into the contemporary urban environment the old and dear.

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