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Jakobsoni 7

Kesklinn | Jakobsoni 7, 10128 Tallinn

46 available apartments

1 - 4 room(s)

Location of parking lots:
underground parking

apartment-based forced ventilation with heat recovery

floor water heating (central heating)

To be ready June 2017

Project information

New elegant apartments are rising in the heart of Tallinn to dignified Jakobsoni street just a few steps away from the city center. Just a few hundred meters away locates Stockmann department store, Maakri business district and cozy cafes. Valuing both the ambient atmosphere and the exclusivity of the city center, 3 four- to five-storied apartment buildings are built on a property.

1930s modern style houses have a lot of different and interesting spatial solutions. Particular attention has been paid to the spacious corner views of living rooms.

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        Territory and parking. The territory will be tidied and turned into greenery, outdoor lighting and playground will be established. Garbage room will be a separate room in the building next to the street, access from outside.

        Parking spaces have been designed to the joint basement floor of the buildings. The garage gate and entry gate to the real property are openable with mobile phone.

        Windows, balconies, railings. Wood-aluminium windows of the buildings are with triple glazing. Finishing surface of balconies will be uncovered natural concrete. Thin metal railings will be covered with wooden handrail.

        Storerooms. Storerooms are located in the basement of the buildings.


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