Saue Municipality


Saue Municipality

The town of Saue merged with the municipalities of Nissi, Kernu and Saue during the administrative reform of 2017, creating the largest municipality in mainland Estonia.

Today, the constantly developing administrative unit is home to 24,000 people. The municipality, which includes several urban and rural settlements, is connected to a well-functioning transport network – Saue Municipality is linked to Tallinn and other major cities by the Tallinn-Turba railway, Tallinn Ring Road, Tallinn-Pärnu Road and Tallinn-Haapsalu Road.

Strong and positive population growth and numerous developments planned for the current decade promise that by 2030 the population of Saue Municipality will approach 30,000.

The people living in the region are strongly linked to the capital, but the municipality is investing heavily in the development of local services and job creation to ensure that the people of Saue Municipality have everything they need to live without leaving their home region. As proof of this, Saue Municipality has a total of seven schools and seven kindergartens, eight libraries, as well as a cultural and leisure centre, a day centre, a youth centre, a sports centre, a music school and many other institutions serving the community.

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