Laagri borough


Laagri borough

Located between Pääsküla and Saue, the former state farm centre has become an active urban area and one of the largest settlements in Estonia, with a population of nearly 6,000.

Laagri is a very attractive area for families of Tallinn and the surrounding area, thanks to its good connection to the capital, a constantly developing business environment, numerous parks, playgrounds, light traffic paths and stadiums, and a strong sense of community, which is why strong population growth is expected in the coming years.

There are already five kindergartens and two basic schools in the area, and on 1 September 2022, the first secondary school in Laagri, Saue State Gymnasium, will open its doors.

The long-awaited Saue-Topi Road between the town of Saue and the village of Laagri was completed in 2021, which made the connection between the two large centres considerably easier and made a significant contribution to the creation of the growth triangle of Laagri, Saue and Saku with their 20,000 residents, as described in the Saue Municipality development plan.

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