Home Change Campaign

Exchange your old home for a new one with no worries!

Did you know that changing home can be easy and stress-free?

Choose a new home from among the YIT Päevalille 17, Jaama 167 or Nurme 6 developments, pay EUR 4000 as a deposit for a new home at the time of the transaction and join our home change campaign. After that, we will deal with the sale of your old home and pay the related commission in the end.

Campaign rules:
• Reserve an apartment participating in the campaign. The reservation is valid for 2 weeks.
• During this time, YIT will approve your current property as suitable for participating in the home change campaign. The upper limit of the sale price of the existing property is the value according to the expert assessment.
• Then you sign a contract under the law of obligation with YIT for the purchase of a new apartment with a deposit of EUR 4000. The chosen YIT apartment must be bought out within 4 months of signing the contract under the law of obligation.
• Next, you sign a contract with the YIT real estate agent partner for the sale of your old home.
• After the transaction, you have 4 months to sell your old home and pay the remaining amount for the new home. YIT pays the real estate agent service fee for your old home.
• The client undertakes to ensure that the broker appointed by YIT has the exclusive right to sell the existing real estate for a sales period of four months.
• Campaign offers do not apply to earlier reservations and agreements.
• If you don't manage to sell the old home and conclude the property real right transaction for the new apartment within 4 months, you will lose the EUR 4000 deposit.

The offer is valid for the period of 1 March - 31 August 2024.

Eva-Liisa Tamm
Sales manager
Margit Kujala
Sales specialist

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