Centre – elegance right in the heart of the city

The centre of Tallinn includes the Old Town, the historic heart of the city, and a few dozen districts that surround it. The centre is attractive because of its contrasts – medieval architecture juxtaposed with modern high rise buildings. This is where you will find the renowned theatres of Tallinn, museums, galleries and cinemas. When you live in the centre, you can comfortably leave your car at home and walk to Estonia Theatre.

Numerous cafés and restaurants are also within a walking distance, so you’re sure to find a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or spend time with friends in the evening.

The centre of Tallinn is also home to schools with strong traditions and universities offering higher education. Here you will also find the long-appreciated shopping centres Stockmann, Viru Centre and Tallinna Kaubamaja.

The new and elegant YIT homes are located on Jakobsoni Street, between Tartu and Gonsiori Streets, and are just a short walk from the very centre. The street was named in 1923 after Carl Robert Jakobson, a historic figure involved with the national movement, and the wooden architecture on the street still carries the dignity of the first independence period in Estonia. The Jakobson homes follow the modern style of the 1930s with their high ceilings, large and light filled rooms, and well executed floor plans. The materials used are of the best possible quality to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.