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YIT Plus is a modern digital service helping you to monitor data related to your home and apartment association. By signing up for the YIT Kodu service, you will also receive a user name and password for YIT Plus. Managing your housing information, getting to know your neighbours and receiving essential updates has never been as simple and fun!

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Convenient online access to housing information
The service provides access to all documents related to your home at any time and anywhere.
Appliance user manuals, apartment association notifications and other documents related to your home are kept securely in a single location and can be found whenever necessary. You no longer need to sort and archive your documents.

Contact your maintenance company and monitor your consumption in real time
It is super simple to send notices to the property owner or the maintenance company at any time. The standard text forms make sending notices easy, e.g., when a light bulb has burned out. Users of the YIT Plus service can monitor their water and electricity consumption on a daily basis: you can get instant consumption reports and make comparisons between different consumption periods.

Electronic notice board for neighbourhood news
The electronic notice board is updated by the community. There you can find important updates from the apartment association as well as notices posted by other residents. The notice board provides up-to-date information about neighbourhood events, from association meetings to joint yard cleanup. You can also organise your own events. YIT Plus is an excellent platform for informing your neighbours and getting to know other residents.

Construction site news and housing discounts
When your home is still at the stage of construction, you can monitor the developments on the site and keep yourself informed of the stages of completion of your new home. YIT Plus also offers discounts on the services of its cooperation partners. Take a look at the discounts offered to homeowners, from cleaning services to interior design and moving services.

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