Küti residential area

Küti residential area

The quarter is bounded by the streets Küti, Kalaranna and Oda. It has a size of 15 022 square metres and a total of 7 apartment buildings will be built in 3 stages in the Küti quarter. The first stage, which completed at the end of 2020, consists of the buildings Oda 2 and Oda 4. The building at Oda Street 2 is partly built on the limestone walls of the old riding hall and the building will contain 41 apartments and 2 commercial premises. The smaller building at Oda Street 4, will consist of 19 homes.

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Perfect lifestyle

A home where you can feel the freedom of the seaside and the convenience of Kalamaja.

The quater is a meeting place of dignified history, contemporary architecture and an excellent location. The elegance created by a top Estonian architect, sunsets by the sea, the lively Kalamaja life and proximity to the old town meet here.

Unique area

The Küti quarter, rising along the unique location of Kalaranna Street, consists of seven contemporary residential buildings, which are located in the historical heart of Kalamaja, by the sea, bounded on one side by the new Kalaranna Street and on the Kalamaja internal quarter side, by the streets Küti and Oda. Located across the street are waiting Kalarand, the Seaplane Harbour and Noblessner.



Art galleries

Kalamaja park

Site plan


The quarter is bounded by the streets Küti, Kalaranna and Oda. It has a size of 15 022 square metres and a total of 7 apartment buildings will be built in 3 stages in the Küti quarter.

The first stage, which was completed at the end of 2020, consists of the buildings Oda 2 and Oda 4.

The second stage of construction will see the completion of Kalaranna Street 25, Kalaranna Street 27 and Kalaranna Street 29.

The third stage consists of Kalaranna Street 21 and Kalaranna Street 23.

Top class architecture

The acclaimed architect Urmas Muru, has designed the Küti quarter using a contemporary approach, but subtly taken into consideration the exciting historical background of the property. The windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling allow admiration of the views to the sea, the old town and the Kalamaja atmosphere.

All apartments include a spacious balcony or terrace and a storage area. The terraces of the first floor apartments open into the secure interior courtyard, while the apartments on the fourth floor have roof terraces that offer views to the Kalamaja neighbourhood and the old town. The spacious balconies have glass barriers so that no sunset on the Bay of Tallinn will be left unseen.

Küti kvartal

Emotions welcome you home

Coming home is special every day, due to the expressive lobby, which is furnished with an elegant sofa and design luminaires. The accent wall in dark tones, with structural design tiles and a design that melts into the interior, create with modern rail luminaires, a gallery atmosphere, where every square metre has been created to take delight in design.

Parking places for cars

in an underground garage

Storage room for baby

carriages on the first floor

Storage rooms conveniently

on the first floor

A room for cleaning

bikes and dogs

Bicycle parking and

storage facilities

Every building

has an elevator

An elegant interior

The interior is characterised by bright tones, authentic materials and contemporary finishing. The walls are finished in light tones, floors are covered with veneer parquet. The bathrooms have mild toned ceramic tiles and quality ceramics

Sunsets can be enjoyed from floor to ceiling triple glazed wood aluminium window units or from spacious balconies with movable glazing. Each detail has been carefully selected. The sockets and switches with circular design are even from a design series.

A unique home yard

We know that a home yard is important. The Küti Quarter awaits you with a home yard that has a truly cosy atmosphere, interwoven with a dignified history and contemporary solutions. The quarter gets character from a riding hall unique to Estonia. The beautiful limestone walls of the historic riding hall have survived to this day and have been renovated to become a part of the cosy home yard.

  • A peaceful rest area, trendy ping-pong tables and pleasant seating places
  • Special design play horses and a secure playground
  • The residential quarter is bisected by an historic pavement, which connects the Kalaranna and Küti Streets
  • A promenade with an architecturally distinctive zigzagged luminary design passes through the old riding hall

A rich historical heritage

The location at the centre of the oldest settlement in Kalamaja, has shaped the exciting course of the Küti quarter, which is directly connected with the proximity of the sea and the old town. The first reports of permanent settlement in Kalamaja date back to 1374. The property of the Küti quarter, according to archaeological data, has already been settled at least in the late Middle Ages, in the 16th century.

The archaeological excavations of the property, unearthed a historical well, which will become an urban display at the corner of Oda and Küti Streets, in order to depict the historical heritage. In 1890, a unique to Estonia, church-riding hall was built on the property of the Küti quarter. Six days a week riding was practiced here, but on the seventh day, the horses were taken out and church services were held.

The experience of YIT Estonia ensures the construction quality of the Küti quarter.

Küti kvartal

Commercial premises at Oda 2

Spacious new commercial premises in the most sought-after area in Tallinn are looking for an owner!

If you are ready to set your entrepreneurial dreams in motion, then consider 126 square metres of high ceilings and open floors enclosed within original limestone walls in the Küti quarter, right at the heart of the historic Kalamaja district and just a short stroll from the Seaplane Harbour and Noblessner district.

Commercial premises at Oda 2

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