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A.H. Tammsaare tee 89a

To be ready December 2019
Available apartments:


Total number of apartments:


Number of rooms:

1 - 4

Location of parking lots:

Even with the first floor and underground garage

Ventilation system:

Apartment-based forced ventilation with heat recovery

Heating system:

Central heating

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A.H. Tammsaare tee 89a apartment building is located in an inner quarter of the established Mustamäe housing district

The building has modern geometry and is designed to blend into the existing environment in shape and essence. The building’s dark facade blends into as well as highlights the surrounding green areas. The contrasting light-coloured details with different sized and framed windows add playfulness. Broad views to the yard have been created by opening up the first floor areas as much as possible.

The new 6-floor building with two stairwells and elevators will consist of 64 homes. The space use in the B-energy efficiency class homes takes into consideration the needs of a contemporary person. The selection includes apartments with 1-4 rooms with surface areas of 27.6-84.2 m2. Each apartment has a separate storage area that is located on the same floor as the apartment. All homes have balconies for enjoying the views.

The yard’s landscaping takes into consideration trees and bushes that are characteristic to the area. Pines and maples will be used for tall landscaping as well as lilacs and cherries that splendidly blossom in spring. Low landscaping consists of cinquefoil and meadowsweets that bloom beautifully. The inner courtyard with varied landscaping will contain a playground with different attractions and recreational opportunities. Parking is partially even with the first floor and open to the exterior environment as well as in the underground garage.

In the year 2019 the homes at Tammsaare tee 89a will be completed.

Tehniline kirjeldus

Building’s construction. The exterior walls will be built using triple layered reinforced concrete elements which rest on a slab foundation. The supporting walls and walls between apartments will be built using single layered reinforced concrete panels.

The shaft walls will be laid using light blocks and the apartments’interior walls will be built using metal frames covered with gypsum plasterboard.

The internal ceilings will be made of prefabricated hollow core elements covered by insulation layers and sealed with poured concrete levelling material. The building’s apartment roof will be covered with rolled material roofing.

Balconies and windows. The natural concrete prefabricated reinforced concrete balcony elements are attached to the facade with tie rods. If desired, the balcony can be encased with glass according to the architect’s glazing drawings. The apartments’ windows and balcony doors use PVC profiles and triple glazed units.

Interior finishing. The apartments’ walls and ceiling are coated. The floors are made of veneer parquet. The sanitary rooms and entrance hall floor are covered with ceramic tiles. The sanitary room walls are covered with ceramic tiles up to the gypsum suspended ceiling.

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