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Lakeside living for those who love active lifestyles

Do you dream of summer days soaking up the sun on a sandy beach? Do your hobbies include cycling, rollerblading or running? If you’re not prepared to give up everything that city life has to offer – shopping centres, sports clubs, pools, concert halls and more – in order to enjoy all this, you can relax in the knowledge that it’s all available just a short walk from your new front door. That’s what the district of Väike-Õismäe has to offer, and that’s what YIT is offering in its brand new development at Päevalille 17.

The energy class B apartment building soon to be erected at Päevalille 17 will catch your eye for its use of colour, with is concrete surfaces offset by the use of coloured glass on the apartment balconies. The slender, 14-storey tower will enjoy views over Lake Harku (including the aforementioned sandy beach) and out to Kopli Bay. The building will feature 70 new homes, from 30 m2 studios to 79.7 m2 family apartments.

Päevalille 17’s two lifts will make life easier for its residents, most of whose apartments will come with their own balconies. Every apartment will be provided with its own storage space.

Despite Päevalille 17’s bustling urban setting, its surroundings are predominantly green and the building itself provides a number of options for outdoor recreation. The majority of parking spaces will be located in a separate parking station whose roof will feature gardens, lawns, a children’s playground and a relaxation area with a gazebo. Moreover, all residents will have access to the outdoor gym and area for ball games on the neighbouring property, which to the delight of the young and the young and heart can also be used in winter for sledding.

Living in the Päevalille 17 apartment building, you’ll be happy to leave your car in the car park more often than not – you’ll find everything you need within walking distance. Parents won’t have to take on second jobs as logistics specialists, because their kids will be able to go to one of the reputable schools and kindergartens in the surrounding area. Shopping, sports, hobbies, eating out, trips to the vet, appointments with the doctor, visits to the zoo and the Open Air Museum... all this and more is just a short stroll away.

If the sunny attractions of Päevalille 17 have turned your head, sign up to receive more information about the development. That way you can be sure you’ll be among the first to view the finalised floor plans and price list before the apartments go on general sale.

Technical specification

Foundation and structures

The pile foundation of the high-rise building will be built on monolithic reinforced concrete piles, which will be tied together with monolithic reinforced concrete pile caps. Load-bearing and inter-apartment walls will be assembled from reinforced concrete panels, and prefabricated reinforced concrete hollow core panels will be used as the load-bearing layer of the floor, which will be covered with a layer of insulation and a reinforced concrete cover slab. The plasterboard lightweight walls inside the apartments will be constructed of a metal frame and filled with insulation.

The walls of the shafts for technical communications will be made of lightweight blocks. The flat roof of the residential building will be insulated with stone wool and covered with rolled roofing.


The exterior walls of the building are designed from pre-cast three-layer reinforced concrete panels, with a reinforced concrete load-bearing part as the inner layer, thermal insulation as the middle layer and a reinforced concrete exterior layer with a façade paint finish as the outer layer. In order to give a sense of articulation to the simple walls with a repetitive division of windows, a repetitive pattern of different colours has been used in the design of the façades.

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