Euribor at 0% for a year

When buying a new home from YIT at Päevalille 17 or Jaama 167, we will compensate your corresponding bank loan 6-month EURIBOR rate costs spanning one whole year.

The offer is valid from 01.11-15.12.2023, on the condition that the contract of sale is entered into before 29.12.2023.

The campaign offer is calculated on the basis of the part of the apartment purchase that is financed with a loan, from which the 6-month EURIBOR rate costs are deducted for a period of one year. The 6-month EURIBOR rate set when the apartment is booked is calculated as a single discount applicable to the apartment selling price.

The offer does not apply to earlier bookings and previous agreements.
For more information, please contact YIT sales specialists.

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Eva-Liisa Tamm
Sales manager
Margit Kujala
Sales specialist