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Betooni 28, 13816 Tallinn


Targo Toots
Head of Paving
Heiki Alango
Head of Aggreagates Production
Urmas Aberut
Technical Department Manager

Asphalt plants

Asphalt plant Pahnimäe
Päide, Rakvere Municipality, Lääne-Virumaa 44305
Asphalt plant Pärnu
17 Selja road, Sauga, Tori Municipality, Pärnumaa 85008  
Asphalt plant Tallinn
28 Betooni street, Tallinn, 13816 Harjumaa
Asphalt plant Tartu and mobile production
Raadi, Tartu Municipality, Tartumaa 60511
AS YIT Eesti
Pärnu mnt 102b, Tallinn 11312
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Registration code: 10093801
VAT identification number: EE100210897

Betooni 28, Tallinn 13816
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Registration code: 16196755
VAT identification number: EE102356568

AS YIT Eesti divided by separation and as of 1 April 2021 OÜ YIT Teed has started its operations

As of 1 April 2021, OÜ YIT Teed (registry code 16196755) has started its operations and is engaged in the production, spreading, milling and stabilisation of asphalt concrete, development activities (laboratory), mining operations (quarries and aggregate production), marking operations, manufacturing and installation of traffic signs, temporary traffic management and blasting operations. AS YIT Eesti continues its business activities in the field of construction and real estate development under the same business name, registry code and contact details.